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Join the community

Boo Boo Bears welcomes you to join a community of passionate individuals, from improv actors and firefighters to STEM students and healthcare professionals. Whether you love planning events or can craft awesome artwork, we are ready to make you a part of the team!

Organize an event

If your group or organization would like to hold an event for Boo Boo Bears, feel free to contact us here. Whether you organize a fundraiser, cardmaking event, or collection drive, we would be grateful for your support!

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Donate a get well soon card

We love to give the children handmade cards along with their teddy bears! Get creative and send your get well soon card to us by mail:

P.O. Box 765

Smithtown 11787

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Teddy Bear
Make a donation

Your monetary donation will be used to fund our teddy bear deliveries to child burn victims. Thank you for helping us make the world smile!

You can also mail us your donation!

P.O. Box 765

Smithtown 11787

(Please make checks out to "Boo Boo Bears/SCVF Burn Center")

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